It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Deanery! It certainly is a busy time and one that provides lots of magical moments which we know parents, children and staff will love.

Reception and Year 1 are busy rehearsing for their production of 'Hey Ewe', it's full of catchy tunes and fun dance moves and the children look and sound fabulous.

The Nursery Nativity 'Fishing for Stars' certainly has the cute factor and it is super to see the children's confidence and theatrical ability!

Year 4 and 6 will lead Key Stage 2 church services at St John's and  will remind us to spread the Christian message of love, joy and peace to the world.

Rehearsals for 'Stars come out for Christmas' are in full swing in  Year 5 who are busy learning lines and songs for their production which promises top be a star studded show.

Year 3 are in fine voice practising for their Carols by Torchlight,  We hope parents are busy practising too as we will be asking you to join in !

Last but not least, Year 2 will lead a lovely Christingle service at St Johns which will be a memorable service reminding us again of the Christmas story.

We wish the children good luck in their services and performances, we know that they will make Deanery proud!

(Don't forget to post your Christmas cards in the postbox in KS1 hall and the Y6 Christmas Elves will deliver your post.)