Y5 Slam Poetry


Y5 have been creating Slam Poetry - an original poem with a relatable theme that is performed with passion.  Take a look at Belle's amazing poem on the theme of technology.

What is technology?
It’s mind-controlling,
Killing your imagination.
It’s like a vacuum sucking up your imagination.
Incredible imagination lost forever.

It’s as if people are hiding behind the screen.
Loss of communication.
People eating dinner with no conversation,
Too busy texting.
Incredible imagination lost forever.

It’s filling our brains with rubbish.
People are getting bullied for what they look like.#
Why, people?
Tragic technology.
People are getting rich over it.
Your brain should be filled with education.
Incredible imagination lost forever.

Glaring at a screen,
No longer making eye contact.
Children don’t help out at home anymore.
Wouldn’t say it to their face?
Why say it at all?
Incredible imagination lost forever.

Extraordinary education!
Don’t get addicted to the screen.