Rotary Award

Since 2004, our year 6 children have been encouraged to take part in the Junior Rotary Award as part of their Citizenship Education. Rotary wanted to devise a significant project for children in KS2 along the lines of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in KS3, 4 & 5. This has proved to be a great success and in most years we have had about 25 children taking part.  This award runs from October until the end of May. The children have to serve in their community for 10 weeks; learn a new skill for 10 weeks; take part in physical exercise for 10 weeks and also gain some Social Experience of Religion, Culture and the Arts. This award is heavily reliant on parents helping children who are just 10 or 11 years old and is done in their own time not in school time.

Over the years we have been amazed at what they have planned to include in their project. This takes real commitment. Finally in July the children attend an Awards Ceremony at the Town Hall and sometimes they even meet The Lord Mayor.Our annual Rotary Award took place once again this year; an award ceremony to congratulate our Year 6 pupils who had successfully completed their year long community project. Well done to all of the children who took part.

Rotary Award 2015:

On Monday 13th July, 23 children from Year 6 went to the Town Hall to receive their certificates and badges from the President of the Rotary Society. For the last year they have been working on a project that many people call the “junior version” to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is hard work and possibly the most difficult task they have yet faced as to sustain their interest and commitment for a year is challenging.

To gain the award they must do physical activities for 2 hours every week for 10 weeks. They must learn a new skill for 1 hour every week for 10 weeks. They must find a way of helping in the community for 1 hour every week for 10 weeks. Finally they choose and experience 5 aspects of society and culture: Arts - theatre, museum, cinema, concert, ballet etc; Spiritual Experience – interview, attend ceremony, visit; Cultural Experience - interview, festival, visit, holiday/vacation; Community celebration – Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day etc; Community Meeting – Neighbourhood Watch, Local MP, PTFA, Local campaign, Fun Run meeting etc.

The children cannot do this project without a lot of help and support from their parents. Thank you to everyone for their help and ideas. On a last note, to share how challenging this is - we began the year in September 2014 with 30 children and only 23 finally completed their project and gained the award. Thank you to Libby and Nathan who bravely spoke at the award ceremony – well done!