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FC and LB 6C at 7:06pm on 7th January 2017

This is an amazing school. The fabulous teachers have really pushed me and all my abilities. Thank you😊

EB, LB, FC, ER- 6C members at 4:35pm on 16th December 2016

I can't thank any of the incredibly diverse teaching staff at this wonderful school, which has taught us enough to get us through life if we needed to. It has inspired us to do things we would never ever have dreamt of doing. The memories that we have made (and are quite frankly still making) are impossible to forget. Our friendships have been expanding ever since we began and more are STILL being made today.

Thank you so much, Esther Boon and co.

Esther Boon at 8:23am on 13th October 2016

This incredible school has built (and is still building) an extremely firm foundation to my education and my future. I would like to thank all staff who have assisted me to reach this stage and who are continuing to guide me on my way. Thank you everyone!

Esther Boon at 8:24pm on 22nd June 2016

I love this school so much, although I'm leaving soon. We're like family here and we're in everything together.

Holly 3s at 8:24am on 1st June 2016

I luv this school I want to thank my teachers so far and I hope we have a good year next year x☺