Christian Ethos


Our School Motto – ‘Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam’

Translated it is ‘To the Greater Glory of God’ and we believe this to mean that everything we do, we do as a gift to God.  Everyone in our school strives to reflect the ‘Glory of God’.

Beliefs and Values

At the Deanery we believe everyone thrives in a happy, secure and caring environment.  It is an essential part of our Christian ethos that peace, love, faith, joy, grace and hope should be the core values that everyone respects and agrees.  We do this through the teaching of Jesus.

We believe that education, strengthened by our faith, is the vehicle with which children can achieve their full potential.

School Culture

At the Deanery we aim to provide opportunities and experiences for everyone to learn and develop their social, creative and academic skills within a motivating and stimulating environment.

We aim to:-

foster an environment that is enriched spiritually, morally and socially through the Christian faith.
value each child as an individual, regardless of faith, ability, gender or ethnicity.
nurture children to be polite, respectful and considerate towards one another.
offer a range of opportunities and experiences to develop their confidence, self esteem and independence.
encourage each child to fulfil their individual potential within all areas of the curriculum.
promote knowledge and understanding through a secure, stimulating and enriched environment.
create a broad educational experience that is enriched both morally and spiritually through partnership with staff, governors, parents, the local community, parishes of the Deanery and Birmingham Diocese.
to enable each child to value themselves and have aspirations for the future.
to recognise everyone’s place in the wider community.

                                      Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
                       To the Greater Glory of God