Before and after school club

At the Deanery we offer a before and after school club called Foxes.  The club is highly successful and extremely popular.  The children who attend Foxes enjoy a caring, safe and fun environment, full of activities and opportunities to play, learn and socialise.  All children are welcome to attend as the club caters for children from ages 3 to 11.

Registration/Contract Form

Registration/Contract Form A registration form and contract must be completed for every child that attends. This is an Ofsted Regulation. Once you have registered as a member, you are asked at the beginning of each term to book the hours you require your child/children to attend each week and pay in advance.

Charges and times for School and Nursery

7.30am-8.50am £6.80     3.30pm-5.00pm £5.80     5.00pm-6.00pm £4.40

If all three sessions are booked and paid for in advance the charge per day is £15.00 Administration fee £10.00 per family per term. We do accept vouchers as payment, please speak to my staff or me and we will advise you about which ones we accept. Once sessions have been booked they must be paid for. NB. The fine for late collection is £15.00 per child per 15 minutes after 6.00pm. Parents arriving late will jeopardise the existence of the Club (spot checks are made by Social Services). If we are found to be in breach of the opening times the club could be in serious trouble.

Booking Forms November 2018

Booking forms for Foxes sessions for the whole of the Spring Term have gone out in the class post.

The deadline for these forms to be returned is FRIDAY 23RD NOVEMBER 2018.

Unfortunately, if you return your form after this date, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

The club continues to be extremely popular.  Over the last term, we have been oversubscribed for many sessions and have not been able to accommodate requests for extra sessions.  Please bear this in mind when completing your forms.

If you have not received a form, they are available in the Foxes lobby.