School Day Timings


Our school day runs from 8.55am until 3.30pm (33.5 hours per week)

Key Stage 1 & Foundation Stage Reception:


8.45am - Doors open for children to enter

8.55am - Bell sounds for start of day. Collect children from playground.     Registration.

9.05am - First lesson begins

10.20am - Play time

10.35am - Second lesson begins

12.00pm - Lunch


1.00pm - Collective worship and registration

2.05pm - Play time

2.20pm - Final lesson begins

3.15pm - Class novel

3.30pm - End of school day.

Key Stage 2


8.45am - Doors open for children to enter 

8.55am - Registration

9.00am - First lesson begins

10.00am - Second lesson begins

11.00am - Play time

11.20am - Third lesson begins

12.15pm - Lunch


1.15pm - Registration/Start of afternoon lessons

1.30pm - Assembly 

1.45pm - Continuation of afternoon lessons

3.30pm - End of school day.  

Foundation Stage Nursery

9.00am - Doors open

12.00pm - End of Nursery Day

  Some Nursery children have ‘Extended School Care’ before and after Nursery session