Grammar and Spelling

Grammar is knowing how the parts of a sentence work together and how sentences are linked to each other. 

Primary school children are now introduced to fairly complicated grammatical concepts  in their primary-school learning journey and are expected to work to much higher standards when it comes to grammar and punctuation; they are expected to identify parts of speech and write confidently using tricky grammatical concepts.

They are also expected to know and use grammatical terminology which has been updated to be in line with traditional grammatical vocabulary (Connectives are now divided into conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs; definite and indefinite articles are now classed as determiners).

We teach our children grammar in context within writing and prepare children for writing by modelling the ideas, grammar or techniques of writing.

SPAG Glossary

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Y1 - Y6

Spelling  An essential trait of literate people is being able to spell effectively and spelling is valued in society above all other writing conventions (Turnbill, 2000).  We want to develop spelling ’stickability’, and therefore teach dedicated spelling lessons from Y2 to Y6 which continue to use and build on our strong phonic foundations, look for patterns and rules and apply them to our independent writing.