Reading Schemes

Here at Deanery, we place a great focus on Reading.  We are very lucky to have such a super library and resources and believe that one of the most important gifts our school can give a child is the power to read.  As you may be aware each year group change reading books and listen to children read differently, this could be listening to your child read individually or as a group in guided reading. This is due to the age and reading ability of your child. Our approach and commitment to reading is the same across the school but the frequency in which books are changed does differ from year group to year group.  So that all Parents are aware of how this works, we have a paragraph for each year group to explain how this works for your child.

Nursery – Children are allocated one Oxford Reading Tree book per week, as well as their jolly phonics sounds to learn. Each reading book, either a wordless book or one with text, encourage discussion and book talk, as well as activities to enjoy with your child to foster a love of books and early reading skills. Parents are asked to comment in their child’s reading diary about a discussion you may have had about the book, how they read the text or any activities they have attempted that have originated from the book. 

Reception – There is the opportunity for books to be changed daily, so long as it has been indicated in the reading diary that you have shared the book with your child. We encourage discussion about the pictures, talking about the story, even books with text, to develop vocabulary and improve comprehension. Take home cards also provide ideas for sharing books.

Year 1 – In Year 1 reading  books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Parents should aim to read with their child each day ensuring that some time is spent on decoding the text and some time is spent on book talk and comprehension so your child understands what he/she has read. At times your child may receive a book they have had previously – this may be for consolidation of skills, understanding themes or text types or for enjoyment.

Year 2 – Children are allocated one day in the week which is their regular day to change their reading books. Each child chooses two books from the library within their reading band. When sharing a book at home or at school, children need to discuss the title, illustrations and read the text. Book talk is extremely important so that children demonstrate understanding of the text and have the opportunity to ask and answer questions. Parents are asked to comment in their child’s reading diary when they share a book together at home.
Year 2 are encouraged to choose their own books from their reading level band so some children may repeatedly choose non fiction books, books by the same author or even the same title again.

All year groups are asked to bring their reading books to school with their reading diary every day.

Key Stage 2
Each year group will do guided reading once a week – this involves children reading and discussing a text in small groups with a teacher or teaching assistant for a minimum of half an hour.  In addition, children read individually or to a partner at least twice a week, as a daily activity in registration times.  During this time, teachers will also hear individual children read. 

It is important that we still hear our KS2 children read and take opportunities to discuss their texts in order to develop their higher level reading and comprehension skills.  The teachers will make comments in the child’s homework diary and therefore ask parents to do the same.

For the majority of children in KS2 they will be on a colour band, this is matched to their ability.  Within each colour band is a wide range of texts and genres as well as a range of texts of varying difficulty.  On the whole the children are given the freedom to choose books that they think they will enjoy – therefore some books may seem harder or easier than others.  Teachers will keep an eye on the texts chosen to ensure that your child is being challenged. We also encourage children to bring in books, magazines, comics etc from home.  Magazines and comics can often encourage reluctant readers and give children confidence to read for pleasure. 

Each year group is scheduled to visit the library once a week; however the library is also open every lunchtime for children to change their books or for quiet reading time.  Child friendly newspapers are also available in the library.  Parents are invited to come to the library with their child on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3.30 and 4pm to choose books or get advice from our experienced librarian about books.

Click here for a link to a table outlining the reading colour band system that we use in the library.  Please be aware that this gives a broad correlation of colour bands and levels of ability.  Each child is different and will therefore progress through the colour bands at different rates, staff monitor children’s progress and will move them onto another colour band as and when appropriate.