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Subject Overview – Physical Education at Deanery

Physical Education is a necessity in primary schools as it contributes to total growth and development of the child. All children can benefit from regular exercise for both fitness and health; developing stronger muscles and bones, increased coordination, agility and balance.

At Deanery, we provide fully inclusive, enjoyable and intelligent Physical Education that achieves each student's physical potential, whilst developing self-confidence, sportsmanship and success.  We have a rich and varied curriculum, which includes invasion games, gymnastics, dance, athletics and OAA. Throughout the curriculum, there is a focus on fundamental skills that are applicable to all sports and activities, these include; running, throwing, catching and striking, travel, balance and sequencing. 

Each child participates in 2 hours of Physical Education a week with the opportunity to attend our numerous extra-curricular sports clubs. These range from athletics, hockey and football to Zumba, cheerleading and gymnastics. It is through these sports clubs where children have the opportunity to train for specific competitions to then participate in within Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham. These clubs are inclusive and enable children to progress further with the fundamental skills as well as teamwork. Deanery also enters a KS2 swimming gala and compete against local schools in this.

In addition, this year Deanery has introduced an enrichment afternoon. One of the options the children can choose is multi sports. During this unit, children will learn and take part in a wider range of sports with an emphasis on disciplines from the Paralympics ensuring it is inclusive for all.

With an increase in sports premium funding, this has meant that there are further opportunities to develop Physical Education throughout the school. With this funding, we are able to:
• Have specialist agencies to support the school in Bikeability for years 5 and 6 and Balancebikeability for Reception. 
• Ongoing involvement in the Wilson Stuart Active Society
• A new planning scheme to develop teacher’s PDP
• Get closer to providing a new outdoor area on the school field, which will include a 200m track and astro turf
• The introduction of Fit Bits so children can increase their physical activity and subject leaders can identify less active children
• Ongoing maintenance of sports equipment for the whole school

Every year, councillors are elected from each class to be part of the sports council. The sports council meet half-termly and have been included in the children’s SEF (self-evaluation form) as part of the school’s Quality Mark. The children were able to share their pupil voice, discuss and listen to other councillors about their thoughts and experiences of the school.

Half-termly, all children are assessed against the objectives for their year group based on the Chris Quigley Milestones. This is analysed and the data shows the number of children assessed as emerging, expected and exceeding. 


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Sports Council:

Each year a new sports council is elected. Each class vote for a representative to be part of the council. 

Here is our sports council for this year. 



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