School Council

Deanery’s school council consists of 8 children from Years 2 – 6.  The council meet regularly to discuss events coming up and generate ideas on how we can fundraise as a school.  The school councillors are also their classes representatives and bring their classes ideas to meetings and discuss how we can make improvements to our school.  In addition, the children also devise questions to be asked at interview for prospective teachers. 

What do we do?

The Chairperson:
- Runs meetings and leads discussions.
- Helps to prepare the agenda.
- Talks to teachers and governors about what the School Council thinks and its ideas for new activities.
- Makes sure all council members are actively involved.

The Secretary:
- Takes notes (minutes) at the meeting.
- Helps to prepare the agenda.
- Makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are.
- Keeps all notes safely in the Minutes folder.

The Treasurer:
- Looks after the School Council’s money.
- Writes reports on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left.

Council Representative:
- To raise the profile of Deanery Pupil Voice. 
- To remind class members to tell them issues (big or small) and bring these to the attention of the Chairperson to consider in the Agenda.
- To feedback relevant information to class after school council meetings.

What are our Aims?
- To change the school for the better.
- To value what all people say.
- To try to do our best.

How do we do it?
- Please see the School Council Constitution.

What’s happening at School Council?
- Naming of the Science, Art and Craft Room.
- Waste bins for the field.

To find out more about the School Council, including copies of the Agendas and Minutes, please have a look at our Notice Board in the Library, and click here to read about our School Council Constitution.