School Council

We are all pleased to be part of the School Council 2021-2022. We have already been busy sorting out our first charity event of the ‘Christmas shoe box’! We are very excited to get started on a lot more events in the future as well as being the spoke person and representing for our class.

What do we do?  

The Chairperson:
- Runs meetings and leads discussions.
- Helps to prepare the agenda.
- Talks to teachers and governors about what the School Council thinks and its ideas for new activities.
- Makes sure all council members are actively involved.

The Secretary:
- Takes notes (minutes) at the meeting.
- Helps to prepare the agenda.
- Makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are.
- Keeps all notes safely in the Minutes folder.

The Treasurer:
- Looks after the School Council’s money.
- Writes reports on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left.

Council Representative:
- To raise the profile of Deanery Pupil Voice. 
- To remind class members to tell them issues (big or small) and bring these to the attention of the Chairperson to consider in the Agenda.
- To feedback relevant information to class after school council meetings.

What are our Aims?
- To change the school for the better.
- To value what all people say.
- To try to do our best.

How do we do it?
- Please see the School Council Constitution.

What’s happening at School Council?
- Naming of the Science, Art and Craft Room.
- Waste bins for the field.

To find out more about the School Council, including copies of the Agendas and Minutes, please have a look at our Notice Board in the Library, and click here to read about our School Council Constitution.